Özcan Chemicals, which has been in the adhesives industry since 1985, produces homopolymers and copolymers for its own adhesives, and has opened a second plant in Tuzla in 2000.

With the polyol and hotmelt adhesives that are produces, in Tuzla, it has broadened its product range.

With the Polyfıx, Polylam, Repsomelt, Duopol, Repsofıx, Repsonol, Greenol, Innova brands, Özcan Chemicals have the ISO 9001:2008 , TSE and TESK accrediation for the plants an products, and has become a well known brand in the field.

It is continuing its production by focusing on customer satisfaction for 28 years and by increasing the customer portfolio abroad.

In the last few years, it took its place in the surface coating and insulatin industry with its polyurethane surface coating and polyurethane insulation materials.

Dvokomponentni lepak za parket - POLYFIX PU-7009-PY LEPLJENJE PODNIH OBLOGA
Dvokomponentni lepak za parket - POLYFIX PU-7009-PY je 2-komponentni, 100% poliuretanski lepak bez rastvarača sa odličnim svojstvima, otporan na vodu i vlagu. Pogodan je za lepljenje svih vrsta...
3.300,00  RSD /pak